• Stand your ground and shoot the oncoming trophy animals!
  • Watch out for the high-scoring trophy bucks!
  • Shoot well and be awarded Breath Control!
  • Careful not to shoot any does!
  • Tag your targets carefully - some give bonus power-ups!


  • Scores of magnificent animals to shoot.
  • Trophy whitetails gallop, leap, and swerve.
  • Dangerous charging moose.
  • Deadly rampaging grizzly.
  • An assortment of birds and small varmints.

Advanced Features

  • Full ragdoll physics on all creatures.
  • Realistic weather effects.
  • High quality normal-mapped materials.
  • Natural environmental sounds.
  • Superb hand-crafted animation.
  • Party mode for even more fun with friends
  • An adrenalizing musical score.

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