Version 1.52 available!

Deer Drive has been updated to version 1.52!

Take advantage of all new features in this exciting shooting game update:

  • NEW party mode for even more fun with friends!
  • Windows Vista compatibility added
  • Store & Continue game between play sessions
  • FREE Windows Screensaver - unlike the game trial which expires in 30 minutes, this screen saver has no time limit!
  • Extra challenge - the game has been extended with 10 extra rounds for a total of 30. Think the old Deer Drive was a piece of cake? Time to revisit the game!
  • Rebalancing changes - bonuses are only available when you earn them, not randomly
  • Performance improvements - Deer Drive should run faster on older computers.

There is no separate patch available, if you want to upgrade your existing copy of Deer Drive please simply download the full package and install it over your current version.

You can download Deer Drive here.

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